Services Offered



Initial Acupuncture Treatment 1.5 hours $150
Established Acupuncture Treatment 1 hour $90
Combination Acupuncture and Massage 1.5  hours $150

Massage Therapy

30 Minutes $45
60 Minutes $90
90 Minutes $150

About Services

Initial Acupuncture treatment 1.5 hours
Includes initial interview, initial exam, health assessment, and acupuncture treatment

Established Acupuncture treatment: 1 hour
Includes interview and acupuncture treatment

Combination Acupuncture and Massage treatment: 1.5 hours
30 minutes of massage plus 1 hour Acupuncture

Acupuncture: A one hour session that includes a health assessment and diagnosis from a Chinese medical perspective. The practitioner will insert sterile disposable needles into different acupuncture points to move qi and stimulate the body’s own healing energy. Massage, cupping and or moxibustion may also be included.

Massage Therapy: Sessions can be booked for 30, 60, or 90 minute intervals. Massage is an important balancing therapy which may bring the body back into wellness. It calms the nervous system, reduces stress, relaxes tight muscles, promotes blood and energy flow, and releases toxins. Charmian specializes in a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish Oil massage.

Cupping: A 10 to 20 minute session that can be performed exclusively or in conjunction with acupuncture or massage. Cupping is a historic therapy that implements the use of cups which create suction on the back, promoting healthy blood flow and releasing tight muscles. This therapy often leaves red marks on the back due to the sucking action of the cups, but marks fade within a week.